Why I’m Doing This

Have you ever interacted with someone, learned about something that has happened, or just had some kind of experience that just left you asking something in your head like, “how stupid can you be?” I think we have all had many experiences with people who do stupid things and it bothers the crap out of us. I think many of us realize how dumb so many people are in our world, whether it be in the government or at the store or anywhere. I am certainly one of those people.

I will be writing about the stupid things that people do or are trying to do and why I think people should not do or think that way. This won’t be about that dumb person who tried to use dish soap in the dishwasher instead of actual dishwasher detergent. This won’t be about that person who dropped their phone in the toilet or forgot to bring their wallet to the restaurant they are eating at. No, this will be about the ignorant, arrogant, and disrespectful actions, attitudes, and beliefs of people in our society that many have seemed to accept as tolerable. So if that person who didn’t bring their wallet to the restaurant did so on purpose to try to get out of paying for their food by being a stupid jerk then that might be a topic to write about. This is about annoying yet common things that people do around me or what block-headed things I think are going on in the government.

There are a lot of topics I have wanted to share about (like on Facebook for example) but I don’t want to be the annoying ranting person that no one wants to be around because it just sounds like they are complaining all the time. For this reason I decided to start a blog as a way to vent. If no one reads it then that’s fine. Most of the stuff I write about will probably just sound like complaining and if you feel that way and don’t like it then it is lucky for you that you aren’t being forced to read any of it! I don’t mean for it to just be complaining, though it will probably include some. I really just want to discuss what I think are real problems. I want to point out what is actually wrong with some peoples’ way of thinking. I won’t hold back or sugar coat my opinions but I will try to be understanding and fair as I always try to be. Please enjoy!